Homoeopathic Pharmacy

Homoeopathic pharmacy is one of the basic fundamental Homoeopathic subjects. The major difference between Homoeopathic and Allopathic system is their pharmacology.

The subject is dealing with how the medicines are procured and prepared from various sources. It also gives a detailed explanation about various processes and knowledge regarding the Selection, Collection, Combining, Compounding, Potentising, Standardising, Preserving & Dispensing of the Homoeopathic Medicines; is imparted through this subject.

A unique and vital process POTENTISATION; which individualises the Homoeopathic Science than other systems of medicine; is taught during the study of Homoeopathic Pharmacy.

Homoeopathic medicines which are proved only on humans; making it superior in understanding of human body and it’s disturbances on physical as well as psychological plane.

Considering the patient as a person & man as a whole and not in different parts is an essence of Homoeopathic understanding. This is thoroughly explained in the subject.

For thorough understanding of the subject in Baroda Homoeopathic Medical College; pharmacy department is provided with well equipped spacious laboratory.

The pharmacy department has advanced instruments & apparatus for the practical understanding & hi -tech and sophisticated tools; including audio visual system, various software as well as computer aided multimedia facilities to get clarity about the subject in depth.

To impart the practical exposure of the subject - department is regularly making students visit the world renowned pharmaceutical companies.

The Baroda Homoeopathic Medical College possesses a huge medicinal herbarium garden by which students can learn about various species of herbs and plants.

To teach the subject in its complete depth; Pharmacy Department has senior, experienced and efficient faculties.

Teaching Staff

Name Designation Qualification
Hom. Pharmacy
Dr. Rohan A Bhatt HOD & Professor M.D. (Hom.)
Dr. Jay P Shah Assistant Professor M.D. (Hom.)

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