Baroda Homeopathic Medical College has its own 49 bedded full-fledged hospital (covering 65000 sq.ft. area) with all modern facilities for routine & emergency medical care. This well-equipped teaching hospital serves as a boon to the surrounding rural locality. Various consultants both from Homoeopathy and Modern Medicine make efforts to provide primary & secondary medical aid to needful patients. The Paradise Foundation Trust runs this hospital purely on charitable basis to allow its benefits to be extended to the very low income generating population. The hospital has a full-fledged Homoeopathic unit where Clinical Teaching & Practical Training in Homeopathy is given to clinical students by prominent consultants.

The allied medicine unit has every modern day facility. The Radiology department has ultramodern X-Ray and Ultra-Sonography Machine. The Pathology Department has Auto Analyzer, Centrifuge Machine, Cell Counter, Microscope, Urine Analyzer, and Computer facilities. The Dental Unit is equipped with a Fully Automatic Dental Chair and other modern facilities. There is a separate Ophthalmology unit to aid the poor patients for their ophthalmic problems. The Yoga and Naturopathic Department caters the need of patients who require nature's help for relief in their ailments. It has a well-equipped physiotherapy department too with modern machines like IFT,SWD,TENS,EMS etc.

The Hospital has its own major and minor operation theatre with an attached recovery room. The vast spacious labour room is an additional benefit for carrying out normal deliveries with ease.

Various wards for catering different strata of society are serving the needs of people from the grass root level to highest standards. The separate Male & Female general wards, Paediatrics ward, Semi Special & Special rooms are specially designed to meet with requirement of modern day medical care. The Surgical &Gynaecology wards are providing medical aids to the patients while simultaneously providing much needed clinical exposure to the clinical students.

The Hospital has its own ambulance and mobile van which visits the urban as well as peripheral areas in rural Vadodara to extend medical aids to the needy patients. Everyday this van visits different localities and nearby villages with a team of Medical Officers and Internee doctors to provide Homoeopathic medication at a very down to earth rate. The patients in need of Pathological or Radiological diagnosis could avail these facilities at hospital at a very cheap rate.

The Hospital takes up the responsibility of serving at mass level by taking medical camps at regular intervals. These camps provide diagnostics and therapeutic measures to many patients at once. The services of stalwart consultants can be availed under one roof during camp period. The Homoeopathic camps, Dental camps, & Ophthalmology & Gynecological camps have attracted many patients from far flung peripheral areas. Every new camp generates a never seen before enthusiasm. The Hospital Superintendent Dr. Jaykumar Chandarana & other clinical & non-clinical staff members of hospital work day in and day out to reach to the unreached population to provide them quality health care.

HOMPATH LAN version with Integrated Hospital Management System facilitates proper communication, data storage and evaluation of all the OPD and IPD patients, Hospital and centers, accounting and stock inventory. Besides it also helps for case study in detail.

Some noteworthy points are:

  1. School Health Checkup programs
  2. School students education programs
  3. Collaboration with Red Ribbon club for educational & AIDS program.
  1. 4.  Collaboration with Vadodara Municipal Corporation(VMSS) for
  2. 5.  Homoeopathic center.
  3. 6.  Collaboration with Doctors cell for LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS medical camps.

Medical Staff Members

Name of the Post Name Qualification Registration No. Date of Joining Prof. Experience
1 Hospital Superintendent 1 Dr. Jaykumar Chandarana M.D. (Hom.) G-7866 1/1/2005 27 yrs
2 Senior Medical Officer 1 Dr.Vaibhav R. Shah B.H.M.S., CYS G-11228 3/3/2016 10 yrs
3 Medical Officer 1 Dr.Ranjana Chhabra B.H.M.S. G -8249 1/11/2014 06 yrs
2 Dr. Vandana R. Gohil B.H.M.S. G-24072 1/2/2020 02 yrs
4 Resident Medical Officer 1 Dr.Shashank Dhobi B.H.M.S. G-15477 1/12/2018 09 yrs
2 Dr.Ruchita R. Patel B.H.M.S. G - 11227 2/12/2019 4 yrs
5 Surgeon (General Surgeon)
Dentist 1 Dr.Nilay Shah B.D.S. A-3381 21/9/2017 12 yrs
6 Anestetist On Call Dr.Kalpesh Tejani & Dr. Manisha Shah 1/2/2008
7 Obstetrician / Gynaecologist 1 Dr. Ranjana Parikh M.B.,D.G.O. G-9150 29/8/2018 19 yrs
8 Radiologist On Call Dr. Bhavesh Patel M.D. Radiologist G-11657 2/12/2005 14 yrs
9 Pathologist / Biochemist 1 Dr.Sandip Barve M.D. (Patho.) G-20607 1/2/2019 16 yrs
10 Yoga Expert 1 Dr.Vaibhav R. Shah B.H.M.S., CYS G-11228 1/5/2013 10 yrs
11 Physiotherapist 1 Dr. Rooju R. Vachhani B.Physiotheraphy GPC-9628 1/10/2020 01 yrs
12 Dietician (OnCall) 1 Pratiksha V. Bhatt Dietician - 1/12/2014 06 yr
13 House Physician (Resident) 24 M.D. Students

Paramedical Staff Members

Name of the Post Name Qualification Date of Joining Prof. Experience
14 Dispenser 1 Mr.Sunil Shah H.S.C., F.Y. 4/4/2013 07 yrs
2 Mr. Dinesh Gohil H.S.C. 12/2/2020 06 yrs
15 Laboratory Technician 1 Mr. Ghanshyam Bhosle D.M.L.T. 14/5/2018 19 yrs
16 X-Ray Technician (Radiographer) 1 Mr. Collin Macwan Bs.C., X-Ray Tech. Course 1/2/2019 01 yr
17 X-Ray Attendant 1 Mr.Jaswant Padhiyar S.S.C. 26/5/1999 21 yrs
18 Dressor 1 Mr. Yogesh H. Gohil H.S.C. 25/10/2017 02 yr
19 Nursing Staff Incharge 1 Mrs. Minaxiben A. Parmar S.S.C., 1 yr Nursing Attendent Course 1/12/2017 12 yrs
20 Nursing Staff 1 Mrs. Hiraben Bariya H.S.C., 01year Nursing Course 6/10/2017 14 yrs
2 Mrs. Kinjal V. Pathak H.S.C., Medical Disaster 1.1/2 years Course 6/10/2017 06 yrs
3 Ms. Mahishaben N. Nai H.S.C., 02 yrs Nursing Course 1/12/2017 02 yr
4 Ms. Shilpaben M. Rathwa Nursing Course 1/12/2017 02 yr
5 Ms. Hanshaben J. Rathwa Nursing Course 1/12/2017 02 yr
6 Mr.Vishnu K. Bhavsar H.S.C., Nursing Aid Trining Course 1/3/2018 06 yrs
7 Miss. Tulsi Nizama Nursing Aid & Hospital Attendent One Year Course 5/3/2020 01 yr
21 Ward Boys / Ayas 1 Mr.Jagdish Parmar 9th Pass 1/12/1999 21 yrs
2 Mrs. Ramilaben Padhiyar 5th Pass 14/6/2007 12 yrs
3 Mr. Shailendrasingh B. Parmar H.S.C. 1/5/2013 06 yrs
4 Mr. Bhavik A. solanki 10th pass 1/9/2016 03 yrs
5 Mr. Deepak Kolhe 9th Pass 1/11/1994 25 yrs
6 Mr. Khumansinh P. Padhiyar 10th Fail 1/12/2018 02 yrs
7 Mrs. Parul S. Solanki H.S.C. Pass 12/12/2018 01 yr
22 Store Keeper 1 Mr. Arun Brahambhatt 8th Pass 2/4/2013 06 yrs
23 Registration Clerk / Telephone Operator 1 Mr.Mahendra Tiwari H.S.C. 26/6/1996 23 yrs
24 Hospital Administrator 1 Mr. Sanjay Bhavsar S.S.C., Draughtsman Mechenical 1/5/1994 25 yrs
25 Driver 1 Mr.Narayan Makwana S.S.C. 10/2/2010 09 yrs

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