Pathology, Bacteriolgy & Parasitology

The subject of Pathology is concerned with the Study abnormal changes that occur at the cellular level. These changes or alteration in the physiological processes cumulatively result in the disease process.

These abnormal changes can be caused by Bactria, Virus, Fungus, Parasite or Allergens. They can also be caused by Heredity, Habits, Life style, Addictions, over drugging or they can simply be because of Auto-immunity. Exposure to any such causative results in Signs and Symptoms. Along with these some of the normal values of certain Physiological Parameters are also altered. Through Pathological analysis these alterations can be measured and a probable diagnosis can be obtained.

Pathology and Microbiology is a Para-clinical subject of paramount importance encompassing the complete causative phenomena associated with the Disease. It has various branches in form of General and Systemic Pathology & Bacteriology, Virology and Parasitology etc. This subject is taught in the Second B.H.M.S. and the examination takes place at the end of 2nd B.H.M.S.

The study of the subject is divided in the Theory and Practical classes. The students are exposed to various practical day to day laboratory analysis during their Laboratory Practical Work.

The Pathology and Microbiology Department has fully equipped Teaching and Clinical Laboratory, Demonstration Room, Museum Space and Cabin for the Head of the Department. There are Audio visual aids, Charts and Computer Facility. Students are also exposed to Health, Hygiene, Sanitation, Vaccination and other General Measures of keeping away from Diseases through regular field visits. Seminars on integration of Pathology with other subjects are carried out by experts at regular intervals. The Teaching and Non teaching staff of the Department strives to provide quality education and exposure to each and every student by best utilising the available time and resources.

Teaching Staff

Name Designation Qualification
Pathology & Microbiology
Dr. Ankur Desai HOD & Professor M.D. (Hom)
Dr. Falguni Kale Assistant Professor M.D.(Hom)
Dr. U.I. Bhatt Associate Professor M.D. (Physio)
Dr. Jigar Shah Associate Professor M.D. (Physio)

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