Practice Of Medicine

Practice of Medicine & Homoeopathic Therapeutics is one of the subjects taught in the institute from second year B.H.M.S. till Fourth Year B.H.M.S. The examination is conducted in Fourth B.H.M.S. as syllabus framed by C.C.H. New Delhi & H.N.G.U. Patan.

In the subject students are taught about:

  • Knowledge of Disease - its causes, pathophysiology, clinical features, D/D, complications, investigations etc.
  • We make endeavours to make reasonably competent diagnostician as it is required to plan general management of each case.
  • The students are taught various techniques to individualise each patient as a person.
  • Adequate training is given to master the art of case processing as per the guide lines given in Homoeopathic literature.
  • The students are taught to decide the line of treatment - Medicinal, Surgical, Curative, Palliative etc.
  • Enough case demonstration are given to train the students to decide the right Homoeopathic remedy, exact potency & justifiable repetition.
  • Department of Practice of Medicine & Homoeopathic Therapeutics is well equipped with infrastructure as per C.C.H. Guide line & competent faculty members.

Teaching Staff

Under Graduate

Name Designation Qualification
Practice of Medicine & Hom. Therapeutics
Dr. Himanshu Y Trivedi HOD & Professor M.D. (IM)
Dr. Amar Joshi Assoc. Prof M.D. (Med.)
Dr. Madhu Yadav Asst. Prof. M.D. (Hom.)
Dr. Ritesh N Parmar Associate Professor M.D. (Ped.)
Dr. Jayant Shastri Professor M.D. (Ped.)

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